Soju is an alcoholic beverage from Korea that became popular because of the Hallyu wave. 

The usual soju cocktail combo has always been soju & Yakult. If you are tired of this mixture, we found an easy recipe for soju and coffee lovers out there ——soju latte!

Soju latte, is a coffee cocktail that’s made with a combination of soju and coffee. This type of drink will definitely give new texture toyour energy high at any gathering.

Photo via pinterest

To make the soju latte:

  1. You have to prepare half a glass of your favorite coffee. (Brewed coffee +sugar +milk) or use canned latte.
  2. Then, add two shots of soju to your half-filled cup of coffee. Then, stir, and taste until you get that perfect balance of coffee and soju you desire. 
  3. Then, add some ice!

Enjoy while you watch some Korean Series!

This story originally appeared on Minor edits have been made by the OOTDMYANMAR editors.

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